Springtime Transitions


It’s been a lovely spring in East Tennessee (despite the allergies), and we hope you’ve been out enjoying it.  Like spring truly is, this has been a time of transition for Girls Outside.  The bad news is, due to unexpected difficulties securing insurance for our last two spring hikes (March 20 and April 16), we have had to cancel them and look for new partnerships moving forward.  The good news is, we have more than one exciting partnership possibility in the works.  We will spend the summer investigating these partnerships, making decisions, drafting agreements, and yes, enjoying the outdoors as much as we can.  This fall, we plan to announce our new arrangements, and we think you’ll be very pleased.  Please stay tuned to our website, facebook page, and email list, and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can with good news and fall hike dates!


Thank you for all you do to support us and get young girls outside enjoying nature, and developing the self confidence they need to be leaders,

Girls Outside leadership:  Miriam Davis, Kelly Sturner, Lisa Silverman.

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