Girls had a blast hiking at UT Arboretum!

Nine adventurous and spirited hikers and their adult guides enjoyed a great day of hiking and exploring nature at the UT Arboretum on Feb. 27th. The weather was perfect with clear skies, the sun shining down, and temps in the 50’s. Who could ask for better hiking weather? First, we introudced ourselves and shared our favorite outdoor acitivities and then we reviewed important Leave-no-Trace principles, which we practiced throughout the afternoon. Next, we began our hike on the Oak Hickory Trail and continued onto the Lost Chestnut Trail and the Sink Hole Crest Spur. During our journey, the girls enthusiatically identified early signs of spring coming, such as hearing the sound of spring peepers, veiwing salamanders mating and salamander eggs, as well as tadpoles in the wetland ecosystem. We also sighted and discussed some other really cool occurrences in nature such as a tree gall, sinkholes, and varieties of oak and chestnut trees. A great time was had by all and the girls are definitely looking forward to their next outdoors adventures. Look out for information for our next hike for girls grades 2-4 on March 20th!

To view more photos of our journey click here.

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