Salamanders and Kestrels and Raccoons, oh my!


Girls Outside saw all these creatures, or their evidence, and more last Sunday November 15 during our 1st – 3rd grade hike at Ijams Nature Center.

After going over our Leave No Trace principles, 11 hikers and four guides were fortunate enough to catch Lyn Bales sharing a kestrel in front of the visitor’s center.  The girls were eager to learn about this fabulous bird of prey, and had several questions to ask.

From there, we headed into the woods, towards the overlooks to Beaver Island and up towards the old Ijams Homesite.  Along the way, we stopped to read the interpretive sign about the sink hole, and imagine what it must be like inside.  12244470_10154510157420620_8596655128071451751_o.jpg

Snack time in the pavilion was a favorite, as was the pond where we spotted four salamanders to much excitement!


Further on down the trail, back in the woods, we wound around the lilly pond, following these muddy tracks and discussing what might have brought this friend to this particular part of the woods.  12244664_10154500534105620_1969524899920647984_o.jpg

It was a cool day when we started, but by the time we climbed back up out of the woods to the visitor center, everyone was warm and tired and happy with new friends.


Many girls and their parents were already asking about our spring hikes.   These will begin in February.  We’re looking forward to seeing these enthusiastic adventurers again soon.

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