Younger girls usher in the fall with an exciting hike at the UT Arboretum!

DSC_6637 DSC_6661 hike pond

10 venturesome 1-3rd grade girls and their adult guides kicked off the fall season with an awesome hike at the UT Arboretum where they saw some “really cool stuff” as stated by one of the girls in the group. The girls enthusiastically identified numerous types of trees, including various species of  oak, conifers, junipers, and giant tulip poplars just to name a few. Additionally, along our journey through the woods, we stopped to examine a weather station sitting high upon an open field and learned how it constantly took measurements of the wind, rain, and pressure to help us know the weather conditions at any given moment and when they are changing. These budding hikers also used there keen powers of observation to spot numerous neat wildlife along the trails such as a daddy-long-legs spider, some remarkably big caterpillar nests high up in the trees, and colorful butterflies flitting about. Finally, when we discovered the wetlands ecosystem near the end of our journey, we also saw water striders and even a frog in action. The girls were eager to document their findings in their journals all along the way so they could have memories of their exciting discoveries. Over all, a wonderful time was had by all. We look forward to our next adventure in nature and hope more girls will join us to get outside!

To view more photos of our journey click here.

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