Trip report: Fort Dickerson for National Trails Day


Four adventurous and hearty 1st through 3rd grade girls and their enthusiastic adult guides braved the sweltering late spring heat on a Sunday afternoon to celebrate National Trails Day by hiking the trails and exploring nature at Fort Dickerson Park and Quarry. After introducing ourselves, learning about the significance of National Trails day, and having a brief history lesson about the Civil War and the importance of Fort Dickerson, we practiced our reading skills to learn about the leave-no-trace principles. Next, we were off down, down, down a winding trail through woods where we saw fungus growing out of a tree trunk, several different pretty wild flowers, and a mysterious hole for a rabbit or a possum or a beaver perhaps! Once down off the mountain we continued our journey on a path leading to a quarry filled with emerald green water. We stopped there to rest our weary feet, enjoy the shade, and partake in some refreshments. After that time we took a leisurely stroll back down the path where we spotted wild strawberries, a beautiful butterfly, a hawk circling above our heads, all the while practicing our leave-no-trace principles by picking up trash that we spotted along the trail. We finally arrived back to awaiting parents and caregivers eager to share with them our stories of the adventures from our awesome outing. We look forward to future hikes with this spirited group young adventurers on future hikes!



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