Daisies Ready to Hit the Trail!

Daisies 3Daisies 2Daisies 5

Last week Girls Outside guide Lisa visited with Rocky Hill Elementary School Daisies to talk about hiking and helped them earn their “make the world a better place” petal! This troop of 1st grader girls met outside on the lawn area and playground of the school where they helped Lisa pack her hiking backpack — healthy snacks, jacket, sun screen, sun glasses and water, check! So sorry, stuffed Ernie and pet rock, we decided together that they must stay home! Then, the girls practiced their reading skills and discussed the principles of outdoor ethics called Leave No Trace, impressing Lisa with their knowledge by giving great examples of what to do and what to not do to care for our special outdoor places. The girls also shared about their favorite things to do outside — high on the list was playing with friends, hiking, and riding their bikes. These girls are more than ready to hike now! They hope to join in a Girls Outside hike this fall to put their knowledge to good use.

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