Daisies Find Birds at Carl Cowan Park

Daisies testing out binoculars

Daisies testing out binoculars

Last week Girls Outside took their “Introduce a Girl to Bird Watching” program to Blue Grass Elementary’s Daisy Girl Scout Troop. The group met at Carl Cowan Park in West Knoxville, on the Tennessee River, to learn about Leave No Trace and the joy of bird watching. The girls helped unpack Kelly’s bird watching bag to reveal healthy snacks, water, a bird guide, an extra layer, and a camera — all useful items for a day out hiking and looking for birds! Then girls got to try out binoculars and took a short bird walk around the park where they found Blue Jays, Carolina Chickadees, fall warblers and vireos hopping around in the trees and shrubs. Several daisies from this troop will be joining us on our Nov 1 hike at the UT Arboretum in order to complete the requirements for their Brownie Hiker Badge, which they will get when the bridge to the Brownie Girl Scout level soon. More great photos from the adventure at Carl Cowan park available here!

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