Trip Report: Girls Outside Takes its Inaugural Hike

Girls Outside’s first hikers!

Six bold and adventurous young girls explored Urban Wilderness  with their guides October 27 for Girls Outside’s inaugural hike. There was a fall chill in the air, but with the help of a little hot chocolate to get our motors running we were off down the trail to discover the rock walls and canyons of South Knoxville’s old quarries.

The girls enjoyed looking for signs of human impacts on the land such as cut stone and trail blazes, and also hints of animal inhabitants such as bird and squirrel nests. Fall colors were splendid. Check out our Facebook photo album of our trip!

For our route we set out from Mead’s Quarry at Ijams Nature Center and traversed parts of the Urban Wilderness Trail through the Ross Marble Natural Area, covering about 4 miles roundtrip in three hours. Trena Paulus, Kelly Sturner and Rachel Radom were G.O. guides.

Our favorite catch-phrase of the trip was invented by one of our participants: “It’s G.O. not B.O!” Can’t wait for our next hike, and don’t worry, no B.O.!

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